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A podcast that covers Digimon AND Pokemon, side by side, an episode at a time. Because that’s the best idea ever, right?

June 4, 2017

Special 7 - Mewtwo Won’t Leave Us Alone

The gang (of two) is back! This time, they go up against their toughest opponent yet, a straight to DVD movie, Mewtwo Returns! Why does Mewtwo spend months monologuing on a cliff if he's trying to hide? How can water purify everything AND taste great? How many uses for a black flower can there be?!

Outtro Music is: 'Mewtwo's Theme' From Pokemon The First Movie

- Intro: 0:00:00
- Introscussion: 0:00:41
- Mewtwoscussion: 0:03:01
- Outro: 0:36:09

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