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A podcast that covers Digimon AND Pokemon, side by side, an episode at a time. Because that’s the best idea ever, right?

April 1, 2017

Episode 1.55 - Yet Still More Filler

In this episode, Stevie and Sam get bored of yet another filler episode of Pokemon while Digimon just keeps it coming with more flashbacks and Evilmon Mark 3.25 Supreme Mode (Real Name TBA), another villain that the kids have to take on.

Outtro Music is: "Hey Digimon" from Digimon Adventure

Pokemon Indigo League Episode 55: Going Home
Digimon Adventure Episode 55: The Comeback Kids

- Intro: 1:0O:O0
- Pokescussion: O:O0:78
- Digiscussion: O:119:02
- Mono e Mono: O:27:B1
- Outro: 0:49:99

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Patreon: https://patreon.com/TheMoncast

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