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A podcast that covers Digimon AND Pokemon, side by side, an episode at a time. Because that’s the best idea ever, right?


We have a lot of outtakes lying round that don't get put at the end of the episodes, so we figured it would be fun to put them together in a compilation of us messing up and having fun. Enjoy!

Outtakes Taken From:
- Episode 1.41 - Eggshells and Clamshells
- Episode 1.42 - No, I Dead
- Episode 1.43 - In Memory Of Chris The Hitmonlee
- Episode 1.44 - Literal Plot Holes
- Episode 1.45 - Ash M.D.
- Episode 1.46 - What Would Matt Call This Episode?
- Episode 1.47 - Puppetmon's Moving Castle
- Episode 1.48 - Egg
- Episode 1.49 - Bulba Bulba Bulba Bulba Bulba
- Episode 1.50 - Overflowing Filler

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/TheMoncast

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Much to Sam's dismay, Ash and Co STILL HAVEN'T arrived at Cinnabar Island yet. Meanwhile Joe has a battle apparently?

Outtro Music this time is: File City (Daytime) from Digimon World Next Order

Pokemon Indigo League Episode 50: Case of the K-9 Caper
Digimon Adventure Episode 50: Joe's Battle

- Intro: 0:00:00
- Reflectioscussion:
- Pokescussion: 0:08:54
- Digiscussion: 0:32:37
- Mono e Mono: 0:44:01
- Outro: 0:49:25

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/TheMoncast

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This time, Kari and Bulbasaur unlock some pretty neato light powers whilst everyone else runs around and struggles to figure out what exectly they need to be doing this episode.

Outtro Music is '1+1=10 DIGI POWER!' From Digimon World Next Order

Pokemon Indigo League Episode 49: Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Digimon Adventure Episode 49: The Crest of Light

- Intro: 0:00:00
- Next Orderscussion: 0:00:45
- Pokescussion: 0:11:20
- Digiscussion: 0:32:08
- Mono e Mono: 0:49:31
- Outro: 0:55:16

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/TheMoncast

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